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To revive, relearn and redefine the notions of a happy and purposeful life


Keeping It Real


Emotional Wellness. Professional Fitness, Societal Connections


Focusing on professional fitness, emotional wellness and societal connections, MySchool of Life (MySOL) is the energetic business arm of MyPerintis and was founded on January 2017. Under its cause, programmes are specifically designed based on youth insights and research from our data analytics to effectively stimulate ‘feel factors’ that bridge the gap between two or more connecting matters, consequently redefining relationships for a more positively engaging outcome.

Apart from supporting MyPerintis scale its youth-driven initiatives, MySOL also encourages concepts of a fulfilling existence centred around passionate involvements that produce compelling results and memorable experiences.The organisation aspires to encourage an open mind necessary to drive a successful culture of purpose and possibilities for a better, healthier and kinder world.


  • Inwinccible-X Motivational Tour (IWX)
  • Invinccible-X: Let’s Learn English (IVX: LLE)
  • MyEduNxt
  • International Pre-School Conference (IPEC) 2017
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