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Greetings and a big shout out to Malaysia’s Trailblazers!

Welcome to MySchool of Life and MyPerintis…

I am honoured for the opportunity to have worked with passionate friends, partners and the country’s young FutureShifters in leading MyPerintis for the past two years, especially when I know that we are all embarking on a momentous journey towards a greater Malaysia. We could not have done it without your support, and MySchool of Life would not have had a chance to co-exist in providing more empowering programmes for the youth alongside MyPerintis!

The country at large is brimming with young and enterprising minds and MyPerintis recognises exactly this as an advantage for Malaysia. With the running of our signature programme, ‘What Malaysian Youth Should Know Leadership Series’, as well as other initiatives including ‘National Youth Congress’ and our ‘Inwinccible-X Motivational Tour’, we are more inspired than ever to further support, propel and realise the maximum potential of Malaysia’s FutureShfters. With more creation of various upcoming programmes and activities under our association that are in line with the country’s TN50 Policy, MyPerintis is determined to achieve what it has set out to do, and that is to stimulate the power within our youth to generate dynamic solutions that pave way for a more globalised Malaysia – no matter the challenges that may lie ahead.

With this in mind, MyPerintis will need the support of all of you, especially from those who believe in the traditions of a successful nation shaped by its young society. Let’s all stand united in continuing our mission towards moulding the country’s youth into becoming productive, responsible and resourceful Trailblazers that possess the confidence and courage to create change for a greater Malaysia.

Because if we can, then we surely must.


Dato’ Lawrence Low
Founding President
MySchool of Life & MyPerintis

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