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Acknowledging real-life, money-saving challenges relating to today’s youth such as having to cope with the rising cost of living, indulging in unrewarding instant gratification (e.g.: gaining FB likes, winning online games, etc), and falling victim to the saturation of commercial products, UFL was strategically developed to bluntly address the need to empower oneself with the knowledge and mentality for fruitful financial management.

Held in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, CIMB Foundation, Credit Counselling & Debt Management Agency (AKPK), Malaysia Department of Insolvency (MDI) and iMoney, this valuable programme helps youth understand and recognise the need to cultivate a sense of commitment towards saving for the long term, and to develop this habit as early as possible for a brighter tomorrow.

This 3-hour programme is led by financial and industry experts who are dedicated towards educating young and struggling individuals in affording homes and properties, reserving education funds for future family plans, identifying available investment opportunities, evaluating risk management, understanding options for EPF withdrawals, and seeking the right support from available financial agencies in Malaysia, if necessary.

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