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Interactive, stimulating and buzzing with innovative discussions on problem-solving concepts, this exciting programme is every Malaysian youth’s ticket to establishing their own startups while playing role as trailblazers to the country’s nation building efforts. Introduced as one of the programmes during the 1ASEAN (1AES) Entrepreneurship Summit in 2015,YTC is specifically designed to bridge the gap between youths in East and West Malaysia aged 18 to 35, as well as rural and urban area students from public and private universities across Malaysia. Its core objective is to support and facilitate the youths in getting access to funding opportunities that will help materialise and commercialise their ideas into sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives.

YTC’also uses the inclusive business concept as an approach to emphasise the importance of
involving the low-income groups and turning them into a significant part of an organisation’s value chain, an objective necessary to tackle challenges such as poverty. The programme focuses on significant areas that challenge them to share and exchange ideas, pushing them to explore their entrepreneurial skills that put their critical thinking abilities to the test. In the process, participants discover their individual talents and competencies, and consequently come to learn the right skillsets required for their chosen businesses.

With strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and inclusive business,YTC is a stimulating youth initiative that broadens young minds to produce innovative and socially-responsible business ideas that eventually become assets that fuel the country’s socio-economic advancement.

Partners of our YTC programme include Malaysian Development Corporation (MDeC), MyHarapan, Sunway Education Group, Ubuntu Malaysia, CIMB Group, IBM, SME Corp, MAD Incubator, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST), and Cradle Fund SdnBhd,FirstPenguin.YTCisalsoendorsedbyvariousgovernmentministriessuchastheMinistryofYouthandSports(KBS)andtheMinistryofEducation (KPM).YTS is also supported by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of International Trade & Industry and Ministry of Finance.

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