private and public universities

What Malaysian Youth Should Know

A series of influential pocket talks that foster knowledge sharing and leadership where youth gets to engage with nation’s prominent leaders on a personal level, consequently inspiring them to explore effective, impactful solutions for nation building.

What Malaysian Youth Should Know
International FutureShifters Congress

International FutureShifters Conference

A flagship event to bring together policy makers, corporates, youth NGOs, associations and non-profit organizations catered for youth from all walks of life to learn and discuss about issues relating to youth today, especially about Education, Cyberspace and Agriculture.

Youth Trailblazers Challenge (YTC)

A challenging, but fun and rewarding program that creates a healthy competition among 10,000 rural and urban area students from public and private universities to explore their entrepreneur skills and discover their individual talents.

Youth Trailblazers Challenge

Sweat Off Depression & Anxiety (SODA)

Officially launched by Deputy Ministry of Health Malaysia, SODA focuses on Malaysian youth for education, employability and entrepreneurship with the goal to raise awareness on the serious rise of mental illness and to promote active healthy lifestyles to combat depression and anxiety.

Program Adiwira Topi Keledar

A CSR campaign by Kurnia Insurans that aims to promote safer road usage and highlight the importance of motorcycle helmets to 30 primary schools across the nation with the theme “Hero yang Hebat adalah Hero yang Selamat”.

Program Adiwira Topi Keledar


A hub-to-hub entrepreneurship roadshow envisioned to become the focal point for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and the Government to converge and meet to explore business opportunities. Jointly organized by SME Corp Malaysia, LHDN, CIMB, POS Malaysia, Swingvy and E3.